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Congressional Delegation Applaud Milestone in Port of Nome Expansion Project


January 25, 2024


(Murkowski) Joe Plesha

(Sullivan) Ben Dietderich

(Peltola) Sam Erickson


Congressional Delegation Applaud Milestone in Port of Nome Expansion Project

Washington, DC – U.S. Senators Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan (both R-Alaska), and Representative Mary Peltola (D-Alaska), applauded the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ announcement today of a Project Partnership Announcement (PPA) for the Port of Nome expansion project, which includes the construction of a new deep-water basin. The PPA, which legally binds the Government and the State of Alaska to execute the project, was marked by a signing ceremony held in Nome.

$250 million through the bipartisan infrastructure law was allocated for the Port of Nome expansion project’s construction.

“This agreement is a significant milestone for the Port of Nome, and it brings us one step closer to a deep-water port in the Arctic that provides for trade, commerce, tourism, and national security,” Senator Lisa Murkowski said. “As a result of the bipartisan infrastructure law’s investment of $250 million, and now the signing of this agreement, the first phase of the Port of Nome’s construction can begin. I look forward to that, and urge the President to request all remaining construction funds needed to complete this pivotal project in his upcoming FY 2025 budget.”

“Since I’ve been in office, I’ve used my seats on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee and the Senate Armed Services Committee to secure multiple provisions that have enabled the Port of Nome’s expansion, including increasing the federal cost-share for the project—saving the City of Nome and the State of Alaska nearly $140 million dollars,” said Senator Dan Sullivan. “The Port of Nome, the first deep-water port in the Arctic, will be positioned to play a critical role in ensuring the United States is a leader in the Arctic region in terms of national security, international trade, and geopolitical influence. In addition to bolstering our national security interests, this project will lead to greater economic opportunities for residents of Northwest Alaska. Today’s announcement is a milestone for the project.”

"The Port of Nome expansion will open up new possibilities for Western Alaska and our state as a whole," said Representative Mary Peltola. "In a changing world, our economy and national security depend on being able to move goods and people where they are needed most. The expanded port of Nome will be able to handle more and larger vessels, which can help lower the cost of living, provide a base for search and rescue operations, and create jobs in the region. I'm proud to have supported this project and advocated for additional funding for the Port of Nome in last year's budget process." 

“It is our great honor to execute the project partnership agreement between the City and the Corps of Engineers for the construction of the Arctic Deep Draft Port here in Nome,” said Nome Mayor John Handeland. “Not only is this of great significance for our community and region, and the State of Alaska, it is an historic moment for America. The nation has long needed a deep-water port to allow resupply and refueling services to the country’s national security fleet operating in the Arctic, an area of the globe on which all eyes are focusing, and is rapidly changing. Additionally, the expanded port will enhance support in the transportation of critical goods and fuel throughout the region. Concurrently, it will enhance the ability to protect the marine environment, which is vitally important to our subsistence hunters and fishers as well as the commercial fisheries operating out of Nome.”



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